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Our story

Mjá is the product of three women who love cats and want to see the world decorated in colors and cat themed products! Gígja and Ragnheiður own a cat café in downtown Reykjavik, Iceland and Helga Björnsson is our talented designer whose joie de vivre brings and smile to all of the products she designs.

Mjá - that’s how you say meow in Icelandic.

We love cats and we love showing how much we love them, through beautiful design and art work. We want the world to welcome the dawn of the cat person chic. The cat lover likes to wear beautiful and well made clothing, in their free time they sip on delicious coffee, read a good book and relax, while they pet a cat. Waltzing through the world with feline elegance and curiosty the cat lover and their friends will take on the world in Mjá clothing.